Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Another right-wing black columnist caught on dole
Remember when the Man just wanted to keep a brother down? The Bush Administration's admirable attempts at uplifting the conservative African-American continue with revelations that syndicated columnist Maggie Gallagher (who is to all intents and purposes white -- hey, who says the White House is competent?) received $21,500 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for backing the administration's marriage initiative. Sisters are doin' it for themselves! I'm gonna be pissed if Stanley Crouch gets caught up in this scandal. Read about it here.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Rethug Miami rioters remembered
Remember the photos of conspicuously middle-class white people rioting outside the doors of the Dade County ballot recount room in 2000? Each one of those assholes was eventually outed as a Rethug party employee, employee of a GOP elected official or other connected turd. Today's Washington Post has a "where are they now?" story. Unfortunately, none of them have been certified as burning in hell. Read it here.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Take a trip to The Dork Ages
I have started a new blog to collect tales of the wingnut religious right and its evil leadership. You can catch The Dork Ages here. Send me your stories of goofy right-wing religious fanaticism.
College Rethugs bilk seniors with dementia
The College Republican National Committee is facing serious questions about its fund-raising practices after it was caught using front committees in its direct mail campaign. The problem is that donors thought their money was going to the Republican Party. The College Republican National Committee is not officially part of the GOP. The college-aged weasels apparently preyed in particular on gullible senior citizens, many of whom gave far more money than they could afford and many of whom are suffering from diminished mental capacity thanks to dementia and other syndromes. Read about it here. Once again, shout outs to Stentor for digging this one up.
Rethug economist caught stealing
The chief economist for Congress' Small Business Committee has been nabbed in the process of stealing a 42-inch plasma screen television. Tom Loo was caught red-handed helping himself to the $7,000 flat-screen set, which had been hanging in the Financial Services Committee board room. A staffer for Democratic Rep. Barney Frank was the man who caught Loo hauling off his loot. "I noticed the TV was gone," Dan McGlinchey told the New York Daily News, "and when I confronted him, he started walking really fast down the hallway with the dolly in tow, mumbling, 'Must leave, must leave.'" Money quote, folks! Read about it here. Credit for this beauty of a story goes to a very patient Stentor.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Wisconsin Republican indicted in campaign fund scandal
The former co-owner of a Wisconsin construction company is facing federal charges after authorities determined that he had illegally funneled over $120,000 in embezzled company funds to various Republican campaigns, including that of President George W. Bush. Robert Mann is accused of stealing more than $4 million from Mann Brothers Construction. Read about it here.
Utah Rethug defends polygamy
Utah State Sen. Carlene Walker believes in polygamy. The Republican lawmaker passed out pro-polygamy propaganda to other members of the Utah Senate this week in an attempt to counter anti-polygamy material passed out by a Democratic lawmaker. Despite Walker's thumbs' up, polygamy remains illegal in Mormonland. Read about it here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Fundie loon faces criminal charges
When Michael Marcavage complained about a Christ-like gay character in a play performed at Temple University in 1999, he was forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Now, it's five years later and in George Bush's America, Marcavage is not only free to roam the streets, he's also allowed to pursue his obsessive hatred of homosexuals. The leader of Repent America -- I shit you not, that's what the organization is called -- is facing felony charges of riot, criminal conspiracy and ethnic intimidation for interrupting a gay and lesbian event in October of last year in Pennsylvania. Marcavage has apparently been wandering the landscape, trying to intimidate gays and lesbians for the last few years. Read about this nutjob here.
Rethug coroner busted on drug, theft charges
Karen Gilbertson, the Republican coroner for Rock County, Wisconsin, is in a heap of trouble after being arrested on charges of stealing prescription medications from death scenes (good thing we no longer put coins on dead people's eyes, eh?) and cashing payments for cremations from area funeral homes. Rock County D.A. David O'Leary confirmed that the medications Gilbertson is accused of stealing belonged to her, er, clients. Read about it here.
Ridge faces conflict of interest scrutiny
Former Homeland Security czar Tom Ridge may have some 'splainin' to do after Associated Press reporters discovered that Ridge made two overnight visits to a lobbyist friend's home at a time when that same lobbyist was trying to get contracts with the Department of Homeland Security. David Girard-diCarlo denies any conflict of interest. He hired two of Ridge's aides and later received some lucrative contracts for his clients. Read about it here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Connecticut Governor, Dems push ethics reform
Just weeks after a former governor went to prison on federal fraud charges, Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell and Democrats in the state legislature are calling for tougher ethics laws for public officials. Rell may find her fellow Republicans digging their heels in. "The quest for publicity and headlines is stronger than the quest to make it happen," Senate Minority Leader Louis DeLuca, a Republican, scoffed to journalists. Read about it here.
Signature-seeking felons may cost Thuggie run for office
Republican Gregg Underheim's bid to become Wisconsin's Superintendent of Public Education may have been torpedoed by revelations that Underheim hired two convicted felons to collect signatures on a petition to include him on this year's ballot. Wisconsin law forbids felons from participating in the ballot petition process. The loss of the 41 names collected by the two jailbirds may leave Underheim short of the 2,000 signatures he needs to be on the ballot. Read about it here.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

So-Called Liberal Media ejects columnist
The crap that Armstrong Williams spouted as one of the nation's few radical right black columnists was just dandy with the SCLM until Williams got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It seems the U.S. Department of Education paid Williams $242,000 to publicly tout the No Child Left Behind Act during President Bush's first term. Tribune Media Services announced yesterday that it was canning Williams's weekly column. What I want to know is how Williams's whoring for the Republican Party is any worse in moral degree than that of his white counterparts? Figure it out for yourself here.
Gingrich prepares 2008 Presidential run
Yes, that's right -- Newt Gingrich thinks he has a shot at being elected President in 2008. If nothing else, Gingrich's bizarre hallucinations about his electability on a national scale ought to speak volumes about the basic unreality governing the political climate inside the Beltway. Hot damn, I can't wait for him to formally announce his candidacy! Read about his preparations here. You can catch some highlights from his new book here.
Blackwell seeks illegal campaign contributions
Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, the man who did whatever it took to put the Buckeye State in the Bush column this past November, is in hot water over a letter he sent out recently seeking campaign contributions from corporate donors. Ohio does not allow corporations to donate to political campaigns. Blackwell, of course, is back-pedaling furiously and says any corporate contributions received by his 2006 gubernatorial campaign will be returned to the donors. Read about it here.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Felonious Tycoon is back
The Felonious Tycoon is back in business, documenting the evil that corporations and their top executives do. You can visit using the link to your right.
DeLay crony seeks dismissal of charges
John Colyandro, former head of Texans for a Republican Majority and an associate of U.S. House Majority Leader Tom "The Bugman" DeLay, has asked a Texas court to dismiss charges of accepting illegal corporate funds filed against him. Colyandro's argument is that he's not an elected official, candidate or political committee and, consequently, his actions aren't covered by the statute. Does the law say anything about being a bagman? Read about it here.
Come on in! The cathouse is open!
House Republicans are talking about doing away with the ethics rule that bans behavior that might bring discredit on the institution as a whole. Remember when this band of nuts and thieves was saying we needed to throw Bill Clinton out of office because his behavior had discredited the Presidency? Read about their latest hypocrisy here.
Feds expand definition of torture
The Justice Department, after years of criticism from human rights groups and others, has decided to re-define torture to exclude many practices that are currently legal under a 2002 memo drafted by the department. While this is good news for civilized behavior, it should cause concern on Capitol Hill. That's because the man who wrote the original memo allowing U.S. authorities broad latitude to torture terrorism suspects is about to become U.S. Attorney General. Unless Democrats and sane Republicans get their act together, Alberto Gonzalez, friend of extreme physical and psychological torture will be the top law enforcement officer in the land. Read about it here.

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