Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"I'm a uniter, not a divider..."
Folks in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, are finding out the hard way that Republicans and ethical behavior are usually two ships passing in the night. The village president, one Jefferson Davis (that shoulda been a tip-off right there) is facing felony charges arising from his campaign funding. Davis was supposed to be leading Menomonee Falls into a new era of community solidarity after a rugged election campaign. Instead, the village has had to blow $9,000 since Davis took office in order to investigate allegations of official impropriety (he was let off the hook with a stern warning to change the way he behaves). Now, his constituents are facing off over whether Davis ought to resign. His lawyer says Davis will remain village president and remain on the local Republican county executive committee. Read about it here.
County commish busted on drug charges
Cherokee County, Georgia, Commissioner Ilona Sanders says she won't resign her office despite a recent arrest on drug charges. Her fellow commissioners have formally censured the two-term Republican. Read about it here and here. Sanders' term in office ends in January. During her unsuccessfull run for re-election this past summer, she described herself as a "life-long supporter of conservative Republican principles including low taxation, controlled government and common sense when deciding important issues." Yeah...riiiiiight....
Lame-duck session starts with Rethug hypocrisy
We're back from a post-election break and not a moment too soon. House Republicans voted by voice vote behind closed doors today to strike down a party rule that requires party leaders to step down if they are indicted on criminal charges. The rule was originally installed following the 1994 election when Republicans seized control of the House. Now that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay faces an indictment on political corruption charges back home in Texas, ethics is a luxury in which Rethugs apparently can no longer indulge. Read it for yourself here and here.

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