Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Arms and the Man
Ever wonder about exactly who was getting rich off the Iraq War besides Halliburton? Meet Victor Bout, International Man of Mystery. Oh, alright, Bout's not exactly mysterious. He's one of the world's biggest arms and diamonds smugglers. And he's making money selling material to the U.S. Armed Forces. This guy was actually targeted by the Clinton Administration for his deals with terrorists. Now he's making money off the blood of dead American soldiers and marines. Ain't the free market wonderful? Read about it here and here. Truly one of those "what the fu...?!" stories.
Rowland still facing investigation
Resigning office in disgrace hasn't taken the heat off former Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland. Rowland, you'll remember, is facing possible criminal charges for more than getting by in office with a little help from his friends, who got state business in return. The feds appear eager to pin the tail on this particular Republican. Read about it here.
Indictments handed down on DeLay PAC
A grand jury in Texas has handed down indictments against three individuals and eight corporations, charging that they made illegal campaign contributions to a PAC controlled by thuggish House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. The Hammer himself escaped indictment, although the House Ethics Committee is supposedly wrapping up its investigation of charges against DeLay. Among those indicted were...here, I'll wait while you get a pen and paper to add them to your boycott list...hum-dee-dum-dee-dum...You ready? Sears and Cracker Barrel. That's right -- you now have an iron-clad excuse for missing out on a crappy meal at Cracker Barrel next time you're tooling down the interstate. Anyway, read about it here.

Monday, September 20, 2004

College Rethug caught kicking prostrate woman
The heat of political combat. The smell of a foot encased in expensive leather. The bloom of pain when that foot is hurtled into living human flesh. Berlin, 1932? Auschwitz, 1944? No, New York City, 2004. You see, friends, a University of Pennsylvania student/thug thought he could literally get his kicks by throwing an AIDS activist -- a woman -- to the ground and kicking her in front of video cameras. Scott Robinson may have thought his was an anonymous act. It wasn't. The Reason blog outs Robinson for the jack-booted Nazi he is here. And UPenn's student newspaper picks up the ball and runs with it here. Robinson's a vile piece of shit, no doubt about it.
Help America vote...not!
The American Prospect has a good new article on the Republican machinations to douse Democratic turnout at the polls this fall. Read it here. By the way, does anyone other than me think the polls showing Prances on Aircraft Carriers leading the race are just plain wrong?
Hastert's tongue runs amok once more
Is Denny Hastert strung out on low-grade mescaline or what? Less than a week after Jew-baiting billionaire financier George Soros, the pudgy House Speaker announced this past weekend that Al Qaeda would prefer that John Kerry beat George Bush in the current Presidential race. Democrats, of course, begged to differ. How long until Hastert is hearing directly from God Almighty himself? Read about it here.
Fire-starting Congressman finally faces justice
U.S. Representative Henry Brown has agreed to pay $250 as restitution for burning 20 acres in the Francis Marion National Forest in South Carolina. Getting Brown to face justice wasn't easy, though. The incident occurred in March when a fire Brown started on his own property spilled over into the national forest. Then, Brown led the U.S. Forestry Service on a bureaucratic chase, one so heated that two USFS employees eventually filed charges that Brown threatened the Forestry Service if he were ever fined for the fire. Someone at USFS apparently grew a pair, because Brown received his ticket last week and he says he'll pay it. Now, for the beauty quote of the day, notice Brown's affinity for referring to himself in the third person: "It's an arrogance in the government, and not just because it's Henry Brown, but everybody." Brown went on to bitch about having to pay for the fire even though he didn't start it intentionally. Read about it hyeah. A tip of the cap to reader Anne F. for spotting this story and passing it on. Keep up the good work, Anne!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Voter intimidation effort ready to roll
The always-excellent Jeffrey Toobin has a great piece in this week's New Yorker about Republican efforts to use "voter integrity" programs to lower African-American and other minority turn-out at the polls in November. It's worth the time to read it and do it now because I'm not sure how long the link will be good. You can find the story here. The Elephant has a subscription to the New Yorker, by the way, and recommends it highly.
Rethug AG candidate has a criminal record
If you were running for the office of Vermont Attorney General, you'd preferably bring some experience to the table. Dennis Carver, the Republican candidate for Vermont AG, does exactly this, but not in the way you'd think. Carver, you see, has a conviction for eluding a police officer, in his case a 17-mile car chase, and parole violations. He says he wants to "fix" law enforcement in Vermont. Read about it here and here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hastert slanders financier
You may think that House Speaker Dennie Hastert is just a good, old boy, an ex-wrestling coach turned downhome politician. He isn't. Make no mistake about it -- Dennis Hastert is a dirtbag. Proof of his degeneracy can be found in comments he has made in public about financier George Soros. Hastert has on at least two occasions accused Soros of earning his billions by dealing drugs. Now, Hastert is being asked to either put up or shut up. Read about it here. And I'll ask the question the media won't -- would Hastert spout this shit if Soros weren't Jewish?
Coburn implicated in woman's sterilization
Did Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn sterilize a woman without her consent? The U.S. Senate candidate was feeling snappish today, accusing the media of dredging up old news in order to harm his candidacy, the old news in this case being a law suit the woman filed against Coburn. Read about it here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Allen replacement has ethical baggage of his own
We recently took a look at an Ohio Republican bigwig in the Bush/Cheney campaign who was dropped from the team when he was accused of sexual harrassment by an employee. Now, Mike Allen says he won't run for re-election as Hamilton County prosecutor. The top pick to take his place is Republican Joe Deters, currently Ohio's state treasurer. What kind of ethical paragon will Hamilton County voters get in the prosecutor's office if they elect Deters? Well, his former chief of staff, Matthew Borges, went down on corruption charges after admitting that he gave preferential treatment to some stock brokers. Deters also has ties, through a fundraiser who got illegal donations, to stock broker Frank Gruttadauria, who is currently spending seven years in prison for cheating customers out of $125 million. No offense, Ohioans, but you're willing to let scum like this run your justice system? Check it out here.
Eavesdropper sues to stop prosecution
Now this takes some gall, even for a Republican -- Manuel Miranda, the Republican U.S. Senate staffer caught red-handed stealing confidential memos of Democratic committee members, is suing the Justice Department to enjoin it from pursuing any criminal investigation into his acts. That's right, sports fans -- this dickless wonder thinks he can get a federal court to stop any attempts to prosecute him for what are clearly illegal acts. Only in George Bush's America. Read about it here.
Fawell keeps giving up Illinois Rethugs to prosecutors
He pled guilty to public corruption charges and will do time in prison, but the former top aide to Gov. George Ryan of Illinois will continue to cooperate with prosecutors who are aiming to put Ryan in jail as well. Scott Fawell pled guilty this afternoon in a federal court of law. Ryan's top bagman, Fawell is expected to help strengthen the case against his former boss. Read it here.
Rights? Rights? You ain't got no steenkin' rights!
Pity poor Nicole and Jeff Rank, who thought they had the right to attend a Bush/Cheney rally in Charleston, W. Va., wearing t-shirts with anti-Bush slogans on them. Instead, the Ranks were arrested by local police at the behest of Secret Service agents. The Ranks are striking back by filing a lawsuit against the White House and the Secret Service, which obviously needs to be reformed once competent Democrats are in control of the federal branch once again. Read about it here.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Okie Rethug candidate's mouth gets him in trouble
In addition to being the Republican Party's chosen candidate for the U.S. Senate from Oklahoma, Tom Coburn is a violence-preaching nutcase whose crazy pronouncements are becoming an embarrassment to his would-be constituents. Coburn is, naturally, an anti-abortion whacko. He is also a hypocrite, having performed abortions as a medical doctor. In addition to this fine Republican pedigree, Coburn talks shit that scares people, most recently pronouncing that the choice between him and his Democratic opponent is the equivalent of choosing between good and evil. Read more about it here.
Televangelist tries to gag his boyfriend
Hahahahaha...sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, if the name "Paul Crouch" sounds familiar, it's because he's the president of the largest Christian broadcasting network in the world. Crouch, however, has a little problem in the right-wing fundie morals category. You see, he has an ex-boyfriend whom he has fought tooth and nail to keep from outing him for the past eight years. Crouch paid Enoch Lonnie Ford roughly $425,000 eight years ago to keep his mouth shut about the nature of their relationship. Ford, furious about being fired from the network, hasn't exactly lived up to his side of the bargain. So, has Crouch acted like a man and come clean? Well, if you count having your lawyers claim that Ford is mentally unstable and nothing ever happened as acting manfully, then yes. Fortunately for the unhypocritical among us, who don't think it's anyone else's business what consenting adults do in private, Pharisees like Paul Crouch are poetry of a sort. Read about it here.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Rethug judgeship candidate interrupts Kerry speech
You gotta figure John Kerry is doing something right when Republican wingnuts feel duty-bound to try and ruin Kerry events. That idea must have been pinging around unimpeded in the head of one Michael L. Russell of Foster, Kentucky, when he decided to shout at Kerry during a campaign appearance in Cincinatti today. Russell tried to taunt Kerry about his testimony before Congress about the Vietnam War, but a sheet metal worker sitting next to him put him in a headlock and the crowd shouted Russell down. Russell, a delivery truck driver, is no newcomer to politics. He has run at least once for judge-executive, whatever that is, in Bracken County. Read about it here. Russell was saved from having his noggin plucked clean from his neck by Secret Service agents and Cincinatti cops.
How to succeed in government without really trying
You think C+ Augustus is a slacker? He has peers in this department, you know. One of them is his Vice-President. Seems Unca Dick isn't exactly a Wundah Kid when it comes to actually doing something useful when appointed or elected to high office. Think I'm kidding? Read this devastating profile of Vice-President Fuck Yourself courtesy of the folks at Rolling Stone magazine.
Just not his day
Prances on Aircraft Carriers probably wasn't doing a whole lot of smirking today. A number of things have converged to make this day a less-than-happy one for him. Washington Post columnist Dan Froomkin totals up the bill here. But what has to really be frosting Chimpy's balls is that the entire issue of his "service" in the National Guard has resurfaced. According to this Boston Globe piece, Bush never reported for duty with the Massachussets National Guard when he stopped not reporting for duty with the Alabama National Guard. Bush even got a kick in the ass from NY Times columnist/gerbil Nicholas Kristof this morning. It apparently dawned on Kristof to interview people in Alabama who know damn well Bush never appeared for duty there. Read Kristof's closing-the-barn-door-after-the-horse-has-escaped piece here.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Husband-beater's political career in jeopardy
Georgia State Senator Renee Unterman's political career may be in the crapper since her estranged husband filed charges of domestic violence against her. The allegedly unstable Hall County Republican stands accused of whuppin' her soon-to-be-ex, threatenin' to kill his sorry ass and firin' a gun as a form of punctuating her threat. Read all the delicious details here.
Christian Rethug bilks investors
Religion and mammon just don't mix, folks. Most of us already know that, but our evangelical fundamentalist brethren seem to have a problem figuring it out. My guess is that they're overwhelmed with that whole predestinarian, worldly riches equal favor with God jive. So, it's not surprising that Jesus junkie Janssen David Willhoit took fellow Kool-Aid drinkers to the cleaners during the past few years. Willhoit is currently taking a Pauline-like sabbatical in a Kentucky jail, awaiting trial on twelve counts of bilking investment clients out of nearly $95,000. Willhoit, when he isn't in stir, spends his time working for Republican office-seekers, managing Jay Whitehead's election to the state house in 2000. He also claims to have worked for U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell in recent years, although McConnell denies it. Read about it here.
Salt Lake mayor ousted
Salt Lake County Mayor Nancy Workman was placed on paid leave today by a unanimous vote of the county commission after she was charged with two felony counts of misusing taxpayer funds. Workman is under fire for using $17,000 to hire an assistant for her daughter. Gee whiz! Anyway, read about it here and here. The Republican Party, by the way, says it'll stand firmly behind her...right up until sentencing is my guess.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

And she needs to do something about that mullet
The Republican Party seems to think that Alan Keyes is their best bet to beat Barack Obama in this year's Illinois U.S. Senate race. But let's face it -- Keyes is a repulsive nutcase who consistently gets a pass from the corporate-owned media because he's black and Republican. Keyes used an appearance on a gay-oriented radio network this week to showcase his hateful, judgmental, paranoiac view of the world by calling Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary "a sinner" because of her sexual orientation. The usual suspects -- i.e., the Log Cabin Republicans -- squealed for a few moments, then lapsed back into self-hating silence. Read about it here.
That's no lady; that's my mistress
The head of the Bush/Cheney campaign in southwestern Ohio resigned earlier this week when he was forced to admit to a three-year sexual liaison with a woman who worked for him. Michael Allen, who also serves as Hamilton County prosecutor, dropped plans to attend the Republican Convention when assistant county prosecutor Rebecca Collins accused him of sexual harassment. Collins claims in a federal lawsuit that Allen used his position to extort sex from her. Read about it here
Speaking of backscratching...
Retired Admiral William L. Schachte Jr. came forward over the weekend to publicly support the accusations launched at John Kerry by the Swift Boat Liars. Schachte's words were measured -- in dollars and cents, in his case. Schachte, you see, is a defense lobbyist and one of his clients recently received a $40 million contract from the Bush Administration. Bought ships loosen lips, you might say. Read about it here.
Ralph Reed admits taking wampum for Indian casino work
That's right, Mr. Southern Baptist has confessed to taking lobbyist fees from Indian tribes looking to open casinos on their reservations. Ralph has bilked the savages of more than $1 million. He is also under investigation by the feds as part of a wider investigation into Indian gaming, misuse of tribal funds and other felonies. Never fear, Ralph, you'll always be one of our favorite hypocrites. Besides, I'll bet you can get Bill Bennett to return your calls now. Read about it here.
Ogan's Run
Alaska State Senator Scott Ogan is out of a job after a court refused to stop a recall attempt launched by a group calling itself the Ogan is So Gone Committee. The recall effort was launched after Ogan got caught in a backscratching agreement, supporting legislation for an energy company that employed him as a consultant. Ogan apparently felt he could no longer be an effective Republican lay-about in the state legislature. Read about it here.
He's Schrocked, Schrocked, I say
There's an incredible Freudian something at work when a man who is sexually attracted to other men spends his life in public office denouncing men who are sexually attracted to other men. That won't be a problem for U.S. Rep. Ed Schrock of Virginia. Schrock resigned his office suddenly this week when a sassy gay blog outed him. Schrock, one of the co-writers of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, isn't denying the allegations. Read more about it here. Stentor is Da Man for putting me onto this tragi-comedy.

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