Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Another Bush campaign staffer linked to group of liars
Benjamin Ginsburg, outside legal counsel for the Bush campaign, has resigned from the campaign following revelations that he was, at the same time, providing legal counsel to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the GOP front group running libelous television ads about Sen. John Kerry's Vietnam service. SBVT, by federal law, is not allowed to coordinate its activities with the Bush campaign. Ginsburg, however, is the second Bushie with ties to the group who has been forced to resign. Read about it here, here and here.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Good evening, ossifer...
Another day, another Republican driving drunk. Today's toad du jour is State Sen. Lee Constantine, who pled no contest to charges of drunk driving. Constantine is a frequent flier, having earned another DUI in 1990 when he was a city commissioner. Read about it here.
Give this man another Pulitzer
I cannot praise New York Times columnist Bob Herbert enough. Herbert spends a great deal of time, effort and ink documenting injustices committed by the American justice system. Herbert's latest target is Florida Gov. Jeb "I'm the Smart One, Damn It" Bush and his Gestapo-like attempts to intimidate black voters in the Sunshine State. Read it here and let's hope someone on the news side of Bill Keller's half-assed rag gets busy investigating Bush.
GOP aides cause headaches for party
Two aides to Ohio Republican House Speaker Larry Householder are causing their boss no end of embarrassment. Brett Buerck and Kyle Sisk have been gigged for their dubious fundraising methods and currently face state and federal investigations. Those investigations may be aided by the torrent of strategy memos and e-mail that the duo sent back and forth. Read about their downfall here. But, wait, sports fans -- it gets better. Householder has previous experience dealing with unruly subordinates. You'll remember his former deputy counsel, Stephen Linnen, as the guy who terrorized women late last year by appearing totally nude in public -- 39 times, no less. Thanks to AJ M for reminding me of Linnen's crime spree!

Friday, August 20, 2004

U.S. Attorney sues wingnut for libel
Once more back into the F-Files: Remember the nutcase the GOP wound up running for state auditor in Washington state, the one who has multiple convictions and jail terms. Well, the U.S. Attorney's Office in western Washington is suing Will Baker based on claims Baker made in a campaign flier. He accused the FBI of covering up details relating to the murder/suicide of Tacoma's police chief and his estranged wife. Read about it here.
A woman scorned
Remember the story I ran a day or two back about the New Mexico Republican politician arrested for beating his wife? Well, revenge is apparently a dish best served via a ballot box. Anita Ogle has announced that she will be running for her husband Rory's seat in the New Mexico legislature. Ogle the ogre has announced that he won't seek re-election. Talk about emasculation! Read about this incredible story here and here.
Swift Boat Vets tied to Bush campaign
The White House may have a major public relations disaster a'brewin' thanks to the dirtbags at Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The anti-Kerry group had a bad day today as the New York Times published a story detailing the connections between SBVT and the Bush Administration. Now, a Kerry campaign volunteer from Florida has come up with a flier that clinches what the White House has denied -- there is a definite connection between the Bush campaign and SBVT. Read it for yourself here and here (be sure and check out the sidebar graphic) and here. The unfortunate part of all this is the pieces of shit at SBVT would never have gotten a foothold if the Kerry campaign had kicked them squar' in the nuts when they first started making noise.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Yeah, Kerry wrote my citation...that's the ticket
Whatever Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are about, it doesn't appear closely linked to the chain of events and facts we commonly recognize as the truth. Case in point is today's revelation that one of the vets trying to smear John Kerry's name has lied about a critical allegation he leveled at the next President of the United States. Larry Thurlow, a swift boat skipper at the same time as Kerry, has been telling anyone who will listen that Kerry was never under fire during the incident for which he won a Bronze Star. Turns out Thurlow got a Bronze Star in the same incident and his citation mentions his deeds under heavy enemy fire. Thurlow, when faced with his lie, did what Republican operatives often do in this situation and shut up. By the way, did CBS reporter Byron Pitts seem positively orgasmic tonight when reporting a poll that indicated that the SBVT campaign is eroding Kerry's lead over Prances on Aircraft Carriers? Gotta be a big housecleaning in the evil corporate-dominated media once the money changers are tossed out of the temple. Read about Thurlow here.
Holy man resigns from Bush campaign
Deal Hudson, the far-right point man for the Bush campaign's efforts to attract Roman Catholic voters, is off the team. Why? Ummmm, female troubles. Seems Deal got jammed up with one of his female students when he was teaching at Fordham University a few years back. Read about it here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

They jumped the shark with Shrek
A bitterly-contested Republican primary race, a copy of Finding Nemo and accusations of push-polling and lots o' campaign funding...well, the voters in Arizona's 20th District will certainly have one hell of a time deciding which sleazy moron to represent them in the state senate. There's no Democrat for the district's voters to default to. So have fun, citizens. Read about this hilarious pairing here.
But, damn it, I didn't inhale!
Law and order Rethuglicanism takes it on the chin again today with the revelation that Prances on Aircraft Carrier's hand-chosen gubernatorial candidate in Indiana was arrested in 1970 for possession of marijuana. The revelation was somewhat blunted (hehehehe!!!) when current Gov. Joe Kernan admitted publicly that he smoked pot when he was in his twenties. Nevertheless, the straight dope on Republican Mitch Daniels could become a chronic distraction to his campaign. Whacka-whacka-whacka! I'm here all week, folks. Tip your waitresses. Read about Mitch's legal beef with The Man here and here.
Halliburton takes Uncle Sam to the cleaners
This just in after the evening news broadcasts: the U.S. Army will not withold payments to the Halliburton Corp. for overpayments on a number of items ($100 for each 15-lb. load of laundry it cleans for U.S. soldiers, for instance). The Army had made a big deal about holding Halliburton to account earlier today. Apparently Unca Dick decided that the graft would continue to flow unimpeded. Read it for yourself here.
Once again, science takes it in the shorts
One of my longest-running beefs with Prances on Aircraft Carriers has to do with the absolute butchery of U.S. science and technology policy at the hands of the current regime. Much of this foolery can be blamed on the administration's desire to cater towards its knuckle-dragging fundamentalist evangelical Protestant base. Yet the pointy-headedness of the Bush team when it comes to science and technology policy is also an attempt to roll over for its real constituency -- big bidness. One of its tools for doing so is the Data Quality Act of 2000. This crowbar has been used to tear the guts out of perfectly good policy, particularly environmental policy. Read about the dangers Smirky and Unca Dick are willing to expose you to in order for their friends to make a buck here.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Subscription: the price of keeping up-to-date
The Felonious Elephant is free to read and always will be, but more and more I am running into the phenomenon of newspapers that require people to register -- usually for free -- in order to access their articles. This is understandable when you're dealing with the New York Times or the Miami Herald, but it's pretty infuriating when the Bugtussle Gazette wants you to do it. Since I have no control over registration, the only thing I can tell you is to take the time to register with the major dailies that require it. Anytime I can get a story that you don't have to register to read, I'll provide a link to it. And to newspaper editors lurking out there (and I know you are) -- think twice before you impose this kind of road block between your product and your audience. If you make it too difficult or expensive to read the news, we'll all just get it from someone who doesn't put obstacles in our way.
New Mexico wife-beater won't resign
When New Mexico legislator Rory Ogle, a Republican, was arrested late last month on charges of aggravated battery and domestic abuse, his party was ready to cut the second-year "law and order" hack free. The only problem is that Ogle is resisting the calls for his resignation. Read about it here and here.
New York Thuggie bashes the Boss
What do you do when you're a Republican hack who hasn't got a prayer of winning the race you're running? If you're Marilyn O'Grady, feckless "Conservative Party" candidate for the U.S. Senate, you launch a public attack on Bruce Springsteen. O'Grady is getting ink in the Five Boroughs today for her "Boycott the Boss" television commercial. Springsteen recently announced a series of concerts in support of the Democratic Presidential ticket. Although I am deeply disappointed that Springsteen won't be playing Raleigh (if he changes his mind, two tickets would certainly help dull the pain here), I have to say that Marilyn is, well...what's the best term to use here? Oh, yeah -- a self-aggrandizing kook. And she has a lot to answer for musically herself, namely Toby Keith. Read about it here.
Rep's wife flips off staffers
Remember Rep. Rodney Alexander, the Louisiana Democrat who switched his voter registration to Republican on the last day possible for such switches? Apparently, class runs deep in the Alexander family. This week's Roll Call contains a hilarious account of Alexander's Washington staff quitting en masse and Rodney Alexander's wife, Nancy, giving them the middle finger in return. Since Roll Call is paid subscription only, you'll have to live vicariously through this account in American Propect's brilliant "TAPPED" web log (scroll down to find the August 16th story).
Thanks a lot, cough, cough...
Drug-resistant tuberculosis -- now there's a health threat we want haunting our communities. The Clinton Administration, realizing that TB was an active threat, had the Occupational Health and Safety Administration draft safety guidelines for people whose work might bring them into contact with TB sufferers. OSHA believed the new rules would prevent 25,000 new infections per year and 135 deaths nationwide. But the initiative languished into the Bush Administration's term in office and was quietly killed at the end of last year. Why? It's all part of the administration's new, business-friendly OSHA. Read this Washington Post series to find out how Smirky's business blowjob bonanza is threatening public health and safety.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Newly-minted Rethug faces lawsuit
It must have seemed so easy to former Louisiana Democratic Congressman Rodney Alexander: wait until literally the last minute and change his party registration to the Republican Party. Well, Alexander isn't getting a pass for screwing his constituents over. The Republican challenger already running in his district has refused to withdraw from the race. Pissed-off campaign donors have demanded that Alexander return their money (he says he'll comply). And a voter in Alexander's district has filed suit against the party switch, arguing that under Louisiana law, Alexander essentially withdrew from the race. Read about it here and here.
Anti-Kerry author unmasked as a bigot
Jerome Corsi, the co-author of a soon-to-be-released book attacking John Kerry's swift boat service in Vietnam, is a jerk of major proportions. Fortunately for us, Corsi has used FreeRepublic for years as a sounding board for his venomous hatred toward, among others, Moslems, the Roman Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II. Congratulations, Republican Party, for choosing this dickhead to pen one of your fact-challenged screeds. Read some of Corsi's ravings here and here.
Back to business as usual
Well, when they're not drunk driving, they're usually up to no good sexually or financially. Republicans, I mean. Take Susan Kyte of Ohio, for instance. Susie K. apparently used her position as a campaign finance chair to embezzle roughly $200,000. She did it by writing 119 checks from the campaign fund to herself. Hey, I didn't say they're rocket scientists. Read about it here. Thanks to D L for letting me know about this story.
And one more for good luck
Good gosh a'monkey, the inebriated Republican office holders are thick on the ground right now. This here peckerwood got caught driving with a 0.21 blood alcohol content by Minnesota cops.
Sullivan pleads guilty
Another Republican driving drunk. Read about it here.
Drunk solon nearly takes a dip
A trashed Missouri Republican law maker faces charges of driving under the influence, property damage and leaving the scene of an accident. State Representative Charles Portwood brought this on himself after plowing through a fence and nearly landing in a backyard pool. He then apparently staggered away from the wreck on foot. Read about it here.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Pennsylvania mayor files suit against wingnut
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, Mayor Anthony Battalini has filed a countersuit against a man who says the mayor and his son punched him out while he was passing out campaign literature last November. Battalini is suing James Malarik, who was arrested for aggravated assault following the incident. Malarik, a Republican, was diverted to a first-time offenders program. He sued Battalini last month. He is also currently suing several bar patrons over a fight. Read about it here
Michigan state rep busted for DUI
Michigan State Rep. Ed Sullivan Jr. (R-Mundelein) is kicking himself for getting behind the wheel June 7 after downing a few following a round of golf. Sullivan was stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol by Michigan state police. He pled guilty to impaired driving last week. Read Sullivan's remorseful statement to the press here.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

McCain rebukes Rethug group
You have undoubtedly heard of the pack of asshole Vietnam Vets who are trying to defame John Kerry's war record. They're not having much luck so far. Kerry's own swift boat buddies are setting the record straight at every turn and now they're getting help from Arizona Sen. John McCain. McCain has labeled a commercial run by the Republican-backed group as "dishonest and dishonorable." He also noted that it was the same kind of dirty politics that the Bush Campaign used against him in South Carolina during the 2000 elections. Read about it here. Retired U.S. General Tommy Franks has also come to Kerry's defense. See his remarks here.
Holy Ralph Reed rakes in the wampum
As a Southerner, I am familiar with the many hypocrisies of the Southern Baptist Convention, most of which involve consumption of alcohol and porn and getting good Baptist girls into the back seat of a 1977 Ford. One of the biggest prohibitions, however, involves gambling. Thou shalt not gamble. It's only one step to hell via a bingo game down at the local Roman Catholic parish on a Thursday night. Well, guess who has been consorting with savage Native Americans to promote gambling on tha Rez? Why none other than SBC poster boy and saint Ralph Reed. Reed, who likes to think of himself as one of the nation's sharpest political operators, got outed but good by the Nation magazine for his work promoting Indian casino gambling (a federal investigation into Indian gaming dredged up Reed's connections to the tribes he surreptitiously represents). And it was our own local holy dude, Stentor, patron saint of Republican-busting, who came down from the mount and dimed Ralph out to the Felonious Elephant. Read chapter and verse about it here.
Clinton-bashing trooper pleads guilty to lying
Larry Patterson of Quitman, Arkansas, was, for a brief time, a celebrity of sorts when he came forward and publicly claimed to have set up sexual liaisons for President Bill Clinton when the latter was governor of Arkansas. Patterson pled guilty this week to lying to a federal agent in an unrelated case. He faces five years in jail and a $250,000 fine at sentencing. Patterson apparently lied about physically attacking another man while working as a law enforcement officer. Read about him here. Thanks to EP V for sending this story to me.
"Unabashed racist" wins primary in Tennessee
More on James L. Hart, the Republican candidate for a Tennessee congressional seat. Hart won his primary and moves on to embarrass his state in November. Hart, you'll recall, is the guy who wants to neuter blacks, Hispanics and other non-whites. Read about him here.
Washington GOP names prisoner as state auditor candidate
Washington State Republicans have no one but themselves to blame for putting a man who has been arrested 19 times on the GOP ballot for state auditor this fall. Will Baker has a rap sheet stretching back twelve years and was only released from jail for his latest sentence less than two months ago. Baker's a flake who gets arrested for continually interrupting Tacoma City Council meetings. Check him out here and here (mugshot included!).

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Judicial candidate has his own legal problems
Another day, another Republican who has no business trying to don a judge's robes. We go back to Tennessee to review some career highlights of Neil Flit, an attorney and part-time disc jockey who is running on the Rethug ticket for Davidson County General Sessions court judge. And he's campaigning as a law and order Republican. Apparently he's been behaving like one, too. Flit lost his license in 2000 after being arrested for DUI and refusing to take a breathalyzer test. His deadbeat credentials are impeccable; he's been sued ten times in the court where he'd like to be a judge, for not paying his debts. He's been held in contempt of court for missing court dates...oh, hell, just read it for yourself here.
Ven der Fuehrer sez ve ist der Master Race...
Stentor comes up with yet another outrageous Republican kook. Tonight's dingbat de jour is James L. Hart, a Congressional candidate from Tennessee. Hart styles himself an "intellectual outlaw" for his rabid enthusiasm for eugenics, the pseudo-scientific practice of culling the human race of its tired, its poor, its mad, its swarthy. Hart says if we don't dive into a eugenics program pretty soon, the U.S. is going to look like -- his words, not mine -- like Detroit. To quote that well-known North Carolina philosopher Bernard T. Fife, "He's a nut!" Read about it here.
Today Carmel, Indiana; tomorrow, the world
Remember former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who has since managed to get herself elected to the U.S. House of Representatives? Seems La Harris is privy to some truly inside information -- namely that swarthy Middle Easterners were stopped from blowing up the power grid in Carmel, Indiana, just in the nick of time. The mayor and chief of police in Carmel say they don't know what in God's name Harris is talking about and no one has been arrested for trying to blow up the town's power grid. Harris has since apologized for her comments, but ya gotta wonder what kind of drinking habits give birth to such unwarranted hysteria. Read about it here and here.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Phone-jamming rat willing to give up comrades
Speaking of Stentor, here's another great story he passed on. It seems that the New Hampshire Republican Party's former executive director, Chuck McGee, is going to cough up names of fellow Rethugs who helped him organize and execute a telephone-jamming operation against the state's Democratic Party on Election Day 2002. McGee pled (copywriters, it's not "pleaded," for Christ's sake!) guilty to federal charges of conspiracy last week and has agreed to drop the dime on his co-conspirators. McGee is the second person to plead guilt in the case. Read all about it here.
S.C. Agriculture Commissioner busted for protecting cockfighting
Bwahahahahahaha!!!! There is absolutely no way you can morally justify certain acts (murder springs to mind) and cockfighting is one of them. South Carolina Agricultural Commissioner Charles Sharpe will have ample time to ponder this simple fact when he's sentenced to prison sometime in the next year for protecting a cockfighting ring. Read about it here. Stentor gets the big shout-out for making sure this one got to me. He's sent in a few others that I'll share with you in coming days.
Former judicial candidate draws major sentence
Want to know what kind of scum Prances on Aircraft Carriers wants to elevate to the federal judiciary? Look no further than Joe Paulus, who took one on the chin courtesy of a Wisconsin federal judge Monday morning. Paulus, the former district attorney for Winnebago County, was sentenced to 58 months in stir for taking bribes. He drew the sentence, which exceeds the federal guidelines, because Judge William Griesbach determined that Paulus's corrupt behavior was so rampant that it undermined faith in the justice system. Read about it here. The scary part of this is that Paulus was under consideration for the federal prosecutor's job for eastern Wisconsin before his current troubles blew up. A tip of the hat to AJ M for coming up with this one. He seems to have a knack for finding these people.
Rethugs assault Dem voter registrar
Two Republican assholes in Polk County, Tennessee, are facing charges of assault after they mugged a Democratic voter registrar Saturday in order to wrest a box of early ballots away from her. Registrar Sula Jenkins received minor injuries in the incident. Bill Frady and Steve Gaddis, the two Republican county election commissioners who attacked Jenkins have been charged with assault. Police also arrested Polk County Republican Party Chairman Ronnie O'Neal with disorderly conduct and official misconduct. Frady and Gaddis jumped Jenkins in order to take the padlocked box away from her and place a second padlock of their own on it. O'Neal stopped one of Jenkins's assistants from calling police during the assault. Read about it here. Thanks to EV P for coming through with this one!

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