Friday, February 27, 2004

B-1 Bob's back in bidness
Speaking of insane right-wing Roman Catholics, B-1 Bob Dornan has slithered out from under a rock to challenge his fellow GOP nutbag, Dana Rohrabacher, in the 46th District U.S. House Republican primary next week. Dornan, for those of you too young to remember his 18 years in office, is so bigoted and annoying that other members of his own party avoid him like the plague...which, now that I think about it, is pretty much what Bob actually is in public relations terms. Read about Dornan here. The LA Times site requires you to register. It's easy to do and it's free. Go ahead and do it. Other Dornan-related material can be found here (Bob has Muslim issues) and here (Great Shakespearean evocation).
Fat Tony's robes in a wad
Poor Supreme Court Justice Antonin "Fat Tony" Scalia. He's been in hot water since January after reporters caught him duck hunting with Vice-President Dick Cheney just after the court announced it would rule on the privacy rights of the Vice-President's energy task force. For those of you who may be trudging through law school at the moment, it's considered bad form for a judge to pal around with someone who has a case pending before that judge. But Tony's problems have become existential of late. He's bitter, you see, because the U.S. Supreme Court won't cater to the whims of a Roman Catholic fanatic with male pattern baldness. Scalia has had his ass handed to him on a plate during the current court session, losing cases right and left. Enjoy his pain here and don't miss the sidebar containing excerpts of his bitching on one recent case. You can find that one here. There's a simple solution to Scalia's malaise: retirement.
Montana governor dabbles in psychology
Republican Gov. Judy Martz of Montana has no problem whatsoever with placing Ten Commandments monuments on government property in her state. In fact, Gov. Martz is so comfortable with the idea of mingling church and state that she believes people who aren't may have a few screws loose. "People who are offended by the Ten Commandments have a deeper problem than the stone that it's written on, I think. Anybody that has trouble with the Ten Commandments, I think they have something going inside of them that would need a little help anyway," Martz opined at a press conference this week. In next-door Idaho, sane Republicans in the state's legislature killed a bill this week that would have bootlegged the Ten Commandments into the state Capitol as one of six documents on a monument. Say, anyone know where Gov. Martz got her degree in forensic psychology? Read for yourself here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Head's up, old dudes!
So Al Greenspan wants to reduce Social Security benefits and raise the retirement age to 67 in order to fund the Bush tax extravaganza in the out years. Well, since Prances on Aircraft Carriers will be shuffling off to Crawford, Texas, come next January, President Edwards (or, yeah, President Kerry) can reward the Fed chairman's committment to the common man by forcing him to retire immediately. Oh, and by "accidently" stepping on his oxygen hose.
He'll have fondle memories of his time in office
Tracy Baker, Arapahoe County, Colorado, County Clerk and Recorder will have plenty of great memories to look back on now that his constituents have voted 87.5% to 12.4% to remove his ass from office. The Republican, who spent 22 years in office, got jerked from the line-up in a special recall election. His crime? Chasing skirt, the same passion that trips up many over-privileged Thuggie office holders. Baker got caught doing the Jody grind with his deputy assistant clerk and rejected a $325,000 buy-out from an embarrassed county commission last August. People who worked for Baker filed EEOC complaints alleging that he had created a hostile work environment. A special prosecutor declined to indict Baker on criminal charges, but Rethugs do take care of their own, don't they? Say "Buh-bye" to Tracy here.
This is not the BIG Rick Perry story
It's still significant, however. It seems the current Governor of Texas, his wife, political advisors and major campaign contributors spent three days in the Bahamas over the Presidents Day weekend. Gov. Perry and his beard...er, wife, paid for their expenses on the trip out of campaign funds, as were those of their staff members who went. Everyone else's expenses were paid for by private funding, whatever that may be. The gathering, which included the abominable Grover Norquist, was a policy fest to discuss school finance. Read about it here and here.
I hear you, Texans!
Okay, thanks for all the e-mail tipping me to the story about Texas Gov. Rick Perry. I won't run it here just yet because I have not seen any reputable news outlet even breath a word about it. If you have, let me know. I can tell you that Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine and one of this country's most patriotic citizens, is the man who has the goods on Perry. Let me be clear about this -- Flynt's struggles with the legal system have made him an expert in libel law. Unlike Matt Drudge, Flynt doesn't put ink to paper until he's certain his story is nailed down factually. He claims to have the G.W. abortion story and the Perry story sewed up and plans to publish them this summer. For those of you who doubt Flynt, keep in mind that in 1998, after the Republicans abused the U.S. Constitution to prosecute a sitting President for lying about a blow job, Flynt's investigative stories wound up driving Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingstone (sp?) from public life for their sexual misadventures. If anyone has any further news on this, let me know. And would someone who knows Flynt or reads Hustler please let him know this blog is out here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Nighthorse Campbell could face criminal inquiry
U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colorado) could be facing a federal criminal probe if Colorado Democrats and a good government group get their way. The criminal action involves Nighthorse Campbell's top aide, who allegedly took a kickback from an employee. Nighthorse Campbell is in trouble because he acted to refer the case to the Senate Ethics Committee, where it could be allowed to die quietly. Instead, critics say, Nighthorse Campbell should have also referred the case to the Justice Department for possible prosecution since an illegal transfer of money allegedly took place. Looks like Ben got caught with his shorts down on this one.
I pity the fool who dabbles in bigotry
Prances on Aircraft Carriers did the rest of us a big favor this morning by burying his fists deeply in the same-sex marriage tar baby. That's right, folks, AWOL is concerned, deeply concerned (furrow brow, George) by the phenomenon of state-sanctioned gay marriage. So, today he has announced that he's going to join the Rev. Fred Phelps of godhatesfags.com and support a Constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between man and woman. There are a few hitches that our ignominious commander-in-chief either hasn't thought through or doesn't care about in his rush to pander to a bunch of religious bigots. First, the amendment will breach the wall between state and church. Does government really have any business defining what is "sacred" from what isn't? This amendment would inject the poisons of theocracy into our government for the first time ever. Second, passage of any amendment aimed at curtailing the rights of any group automatically puts the rights of everyone else in peril. Bush's amendment would directly counter the 14th Amendment, the one that says we all have equal rights. Nothing good ever came of hate and this stupid amendment is a prime example. Read about Bush's embrace of it here, here and here. In a shocking turn of events, conservative pundit James K. Glassman (remember "Dow 36,000"?) wasted no time in tearing the Prez a new one. Glassman remains a fucking moron in my book, but a little more decent one.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Pigboy's medical records subpoened
Artificial heroin fiend Rush Limbaugh told his audience late last week that Florida prosecutors have subpoened his medical records again. The noose must be tightening on this drug-addled radio gasbag because trying your case over a national radio show is textbook panic. Read the latest chapter in the Case of the Percocet Porker. Also, try here. By the way, the ACLU is running cover for Limbaugh. And just when I was seriously thinking about joining up again.
The Tickinator promises to suck money
Colly-for-nee-aah Gov. Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger followed up his comments yesterday demanding an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will allow him to run for President by promising to turn himself into an Ah-nuld size parasite in order to get the federal government to bail out his financially-strapped state. "How much money can I expect when I come here because so many other governors are asking for money?" Schwarzenegger said. "I expect to get a lot of it, simply because I'm very persuasive. I am like a tick that hangs on and it will not let go until I get what I want." Sounds like a threat to me, which it is. Schwarzenegger said yesterday that Prances on Aircraft Carriers' chances of re-selection in Colly-for-nee-aah depend on how much federal moola he showers on the Golden State. Now this tick thing. Maria needs to take a close look at what's in those cigars he smokes. Anyway, read Der Oktoputz's latest delusion for yourself. Check this story as well. By the way, Colly-for-nee-aah, I wouldn't expect a check in the mail anytime soon. Your idiot governor's bullying won't play well with a White House that expects total subservience. Ein Laus, Der Todt, indeed.
If our child are learning, then the terrorists will have won
Somebody didn't get the Thuggie play book to U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige soon enough to stop him from making a complete ass out of himself today. Paige, whose reputation as superintendent of schools in Houston got him the job he currently holds, referred to the nation's largest teachers union, the National Education Association, as a "terrorist organization" today. Had Paige read the play book, he would have known that "terrorist organization" is Thuggie speak for Al Qa'eda, the Democratic Party, the ACLU and the guys that jog to McDonald's each morning with Bill Clinton. The NEA, with 2.7 million angry teachers, was not impressed with Paige's comment. Paige himself is furiously back-peddling, claiming the comment was a joke. Paige picked nearly the worst forum possible to display his stupidity -- a meeting of the nation's governors at the White House. Hint to Dem gubernatorial candidates for campaign ads: morph your GOP opponent's face into Rod Paige. Read about Rod's humiliation here and here.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Mel Gibson's dad denies Holocaust
Mel Gibson's father, Hutton Gibson, last week reiterated his long-standing belief that the Holocaust never occurred. The elder Gibson is entitled to his opinion, but that's all it is -- opinion, opinion rendered perverse by a shitload of evidence to the contrary. My theory about Mel's opus, The Passion of the Christ, is that he made the movie to shut his old man up. By the way, all you Southern Baptists who are ejaculating at the thought of seeing this piece of crap movie in a stadium theater -- well, ya'll best come out of that puppy ready to bow toward Rome. Cause, see, Mel says you're damned to hell if you continue to pursue your Protestant ways. Here is Hutton Gibson's dementia in print.
MSNBC: President Schwarzenegger?
That's right, Der Oktoputz has Presidential ambitions. Now, if we'll only amend the U.S. Constitution to allow the Austrian-born goober to hold the nation's highest elected office. Why MSNBC (Maria Shriver) is pushing the idea (Maria Shriver) of amending the Constitution (Maria Shriver) so Ah-nuld can cause fiscal damage on an even more massive scale is unknown (Maria Shriver). Read about it here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Texas pol supported alleged GOP intern molestor
Meet Eric Thode, Republican County Chair for Fort Bend County, Texas. Thode apparently runs his county's GOP political machine like a...well, like a thug. Among Thode's more dubious achievements during his time in office have been his support for former state senator Buster Brown, who allegedly molested an intern before leaving office, his attempt to ramrod a candidate of his own choosing into a local judgeship against the will of his fellow party members and his meddling in the affairs of the party's local precinct chairs. This, of course, isn't sitting well with other Republicans in Fort Bend County who want their own time at the trough. Read more for yourself here (op-ed piece) and here. May confusion and strife continue to bless their ranks!
The candidate for sheriff and the machine gun
Another day, another nut job Republican running for top law enforcement officer in a Texas county. This time around, it's Brazoria County, Texas, and the wingnut in question is Republican Steven O'Farrell. O'Farrell's bona fides as someone who knows his way around a jail include two recent internal investigations -- one involving threats O'Farrell allegedly made to the wife of another Brazoria deputy, the second still under way and under wraps -- and an arrest in the 1990s in Houston for possession of a prohibited weapon, to wit, a machine gun. O'Farrell says the gun charge was a simple misunderstanding. He sells machine guns and is a licensed dealer. The Houston charges were dropped and expunged after O'Farrell coughed up his federal license to prove he could sell machine guns. Besides, O'Farrell is confident that he has the most important quality necessary for the office of sheriff of Brazoria County: "I think I'm a police officer's police officer." Read more about him here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Today's new Republican woman, complete with rap sheet
Toni Casey, former mayor of Los Altos Hills, Colly-fohr-neeyah, thinks she has what it takes to beat incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer in this year's U.S. Senate race: an $830,000 war chest, a disturbingly Teutonic policy proposal to deal with immigrants and the enduring enmity of her former council members on the Los Altos Hills City Council. Oh, and she's been busted for drunk driving and has had problems paying her taxes to the IRS in the past. Read all about today's proud new face of Republican womanhood here. And remember, Toni, those speeches always sound better in the original German.
Oh, and they busted Phil for aggravated assault
Imagine reading this boring recap of the Ellis County, Texas, Republican Party's candidate forum February 16, carefully nodding at each usual Republican platitude gushing from the lips of the wanna-bees, when you hit this incongruous graph second from the bottom: "Of the Commissioners Court candidates running in the Republican primary, only Phil Smart – who is vying for the Precinct 1 seat – was absent. A spokesman for the Wayne McCollum Detention Center said this morning that Smart had not posted bail related to an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge for which he was arrested last Friday."

What exactly did Phil Smart do? Well, they don't call it the Waxahachie Daily Light for nothing. And searching the paper's archives on-line isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. But the Daily Light's true bumbling nature is revealed when you discover that, instead of just giving you a URL link to the damn story in the archives, they instead use a javascript link that doesn't work in Blogger. So, we'll have to go the "fair use" route and quote directly from the story in the Waxahachie Daily Light, by Daily Light Managing Editor Joann Livingston," entitled "Court Candidate Jailed: Phil Smart arrested on charges of aggravated assault with weapon":

County Commissioners Court candidate Phillip Stewart Smart was still in custody at the Wayne McCollum Detention Center as of Saturday afternoon, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Smart, 46, of Palmer was arrested Friday afternoon on the felony charge, which was filed by the Waxahachie Police Department following an incident Feb. 10 at a local bank.

“On that date, Mr. Smart went into Wells Fargo Bank and he did display a knife at several of the employees in a threatening manner,” Lt. Cyndy Wiser said. “We felt like his behavior posed a serious threat to the safety and well being of the bank employees.”

Smart was arraigned Friday evening, with his bond set at $65,000.

Smart was arrested in a parking lot near Soul’s Harbor on Flat Street by sheriff’s Lt. Danny Williams.

“The Waxahachie Police Department had contacted our agency that there was a warrant, and I was driving by that location and observed him there,” Williams said. “He was taken into custody without major incident.”

Smart has announced his candidacy as a candidate for county commis-sioner, Precinct 1. He is running on the Republican ticket and will face four other Republicans in the March primary. Incumbent Hallie Joe Robinson, who is not seeking another term, has held the position since Jan. 1, 1996.

Pity poor Ms. Livingston, who is obviously under orders to bury embarrassing news about a local Republican politician as swiftly as possible.
U.S. Attorney sues King Crisco
Lots of people talk about piety and morality, but when you defy the U.S. Constitution to pursue Puritanical concepts of both qualities, the huddled masses tend to bail out on you. U.S. Attorney General John "King Crisco" Ashcroft is learning this lesson the hard way as even members of his own Republican Party speak out against his unconstitutional excesses. The latest kick in the old crotch comes courtesy of Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Convertino. Convertino filed a law suit against the Justice Department Friday, alleging that the actions of Justice Department higher-ups, including Ashcroft, have endangered his prosecution of terrorists in an on-going federal trial in Detroit. Get the details here. All kidding aside, it's time for Ashcroft to go, unless Republicans are eager to have him trotted out to the voting public this fall as Exhibit A in why we should remove the Bush Administration from power. He damned sure ought to be pictured with Bush in every Dem attack ad this campaign season.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

College Republicans offer whites-only scholarship
In what I'm sure will be a preview of this fall's electoral strategy for Thuggies up and down the ballot, the College Republicans of Roger Williams University in Rhode Island are offering a whites-only scholarship to the school. The scholarship is intended to be cutting-edge, laff-riot guerilla theater protest of affirmative action. I guess Roger Williams needs to do a little better job of teaching its students not to indulge themselves in racist actions. Check out these GOP assholes here and here. Disgraceful, but par for the College Republican course.
Scourge of the Bush Administration
Hey, Washington state -- you've given the nation a Democratic congressman willing to slug it out toe-to-toe with the Bush Administration. Please keep him in the U.S. House! This nice profile of Rep. Jim McDermott in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer shows a Democrat leading. And pissing off Republicans in the process. You go, Jim!
The sheriff and the grenade launcher
Chambers County, Texas, voters will have a smorgasbord of candidates for county sheriff when they go to the polls this year. That's because current Chambers Sheriff Monroe Kreuzer Jr., to quote well-known criminologist Bernard Fife, is a nut. Kreuzer, a Republican who has been in office since 2001, has reigned in almost constant political turmoil since putting on his badge. Among the controversies roiling the county have been allegations of jail personnel having sex with female prisoners, the illegal purchase of four drug-sniffing dogs and Kreuzer's request to purchase four shoulder-fired grenade launchers. Where the hell does this guy think he is? Texas? Oh, yeah, he is. My bad. Read about the high shurrif here.
Rethugs trying to defund Dems
I guess you could chalk it up as yet one more dirty trick by the Republican Party, but it's actually another of their on-going jihads against representative democracy. Our sociopathic chums across the aisle are working to get the FEC to ban or at least severely restrict 527 organizations -- the non-profit advocacy groups that have quickly become one of the Democratic Party's best avenues of fundraising under the new McCain-Feingold Act. The Thuggies want the organizations put out of business entirely since the organizations a) bring in campaign funds and b) appear to have helped the party re-organize itself. Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) plans to use his position as chair of the Committee on House Administration to subpoena 527 records and 527 boosters such as George Soros and Steve Rosenthal (is it coincidence that Ney wants any hearings to connect 527s with Jews? After all, Thuggies don't pay any penalties from their constituents when they indulge in anti-semitism.) This article from the American Prospect's excellent Harold Meyerson will fill you in on what the Republicans are trying to do to 527 organizations and why. Warning: It will piss you off. The Republican campaign may already be paying dividends.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Will someone please explain the concept of civil rights to him?
U.S. Attorney General Arthur Dimmesdale....dammit...sorry, gang....John "King Crisco" Ashcroft is 0 for 2 today in his attempts to persecute groups he doesn't like. Ashcroft got the bum's rush from a federal judge in Chicago yesterday. The judge, confronted by the megalomaniacal A.G.'s demand to subpoena the medical records of women who underwent abortions, told the demented and power-mad Ashcroft to get a life. Well, he did it in lawyer-speak, but the result was no subpeenies. Ashcroft has also been subpoening records related to anti-war activists in Iowa. Public anger, however, forced the Department of Justice to back off that investigation today. Check it out here and here. Who will feel the fury of King Crisco's polysaturated wrath next? The Beardstown Ladies? The Brownies?
Unca Dick did bidness with bad guys
Republican Vice-President Dick Cheney may wind up being the biggest unindicted co-conspirator in American history unless Democrats grow the balls to prosecute him once they get the White House back. This is a great New Yorker piece on Unca Dick's less-than-savory bidness practices as head of Halliburton. Among his satisfied customers was a certain Middle Eastern nation that was under a trade ban at the time, a place named...uh..."Aroq." Yeah, just use that pseudonym. And in what I hope is the only incident of meta-journalism during this blog's life span, here is Peter Carlson's Washington Post piece on the New Yorker article. And here is a Newsweek piece pondering whether Cheney is too much of a political drag on the current administration. As opposed to AWOL?
Free Dillie!
What is the world coming to when an entrepreneur can't sell sex toys to her friends and neighbors? Well, it's going to hell in a handcart in my opinion, but that's just me. Joanne Webb of Burleson, Tx., faces charges of being...wait for it...wait for it...a SMUT merchant. It seems the former school teacher and devout Baptist pissed off some of her more rabidly "Christian" neighbors by holding parties to sell sexual aids distributed by Passion Parties, one of them there evil demonic Californiacatin' corporations. This despite the fact that Webb scrupulously kept attendance at her parties to women over the age of 18. Man, and I can remember when Tupperware parties were all the rage. Anyway, Webb faces a year in jail and a $4,000 fine if convicted in a court of Pharisees...I mean law. Read her sad tale here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Attorney General goes after abortion patients
U.S. Attorney General John "King Crisco" Ashcroft has been thwarted by a federal judge in Chicago who stopped the megalomaniacal former Rethug senator from subpoening the medical records of 40 women who underwent so-called "partial-birth abortions" at a local hospital. Ashcroft's minions are doing the same at several other hospitals. This man is a direct threat to personal liberty and democracy. Find out more here.
Let the record show...oops...never mind
Not a good day for Prances on Aircraft Carriers. The President released his military service records today and, to quote Spencer Tracy's appraisal of Katherine Hepburn, there ain't much there, but what there is is cherce. The cherce part of AWOL's records is the pay report indicating that he only got paid for nine days of service between May, 1972, and May, 1973. Check it out here. Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen may have driven a nail into the Prez's military record coffin when he revealed in today's column that he, like Bush, took off from Guard duty at the height of the Vietnam War. Did the Pentagon hunt Cohen down and try him as a deserter, which he pretty much admits he was? Nope. He got an honorable discharge. This is an extremely important read. Finally, the White House press briefing today was apparently a thing of beauty as reporters actually showed some backbone and made Bush press secretary Scott McClellan's life a virtual hell. Read a transcript of it here.

Monday, February 09, 2004

We're gonna try BlogBack
BlogSpeak was disabled a few weeks back when its owner got booted by his web host. I've signed up with BlogBack and we'll see how that works for remote commenting. That is, if I can get it to work.
New Hampshire Republican pol shows his contempt for law
When you're charged with a crime, you're usually expected to show up for this proceeding known as a "trial." Someone may need to sit Rep. John Kerns down and explain all of this to him. Kerns blew off a hearing by the New Hampshire Legislature's Ethics Committee this morning. He faces criminal charges for passing bad checks and threatening and intimidating Dover school officials. Check it out here. By the way, Kerns is a 23 year-old college student. Once again the GOP's underground railroad, which shifts young male candidates from state to state until they find a district in which they can win, helps a sociopath get a leg up on life. Get more details on Kerns' legal problems here.
Rethug with a rap sheet hopes to kayo Lantos
The every-other-year tradition of running a Republican candidate against U.S. Rep Tom Lantos (D-California) has drawn a flamboyant auto parts shop owner who has an arrest for stealing sandbags into the fray. Mike Garza has never been convicted of any of the crimes for which he's been charged. We say God speed, Mike. You represent the best of your party.
Frist aide driven from office; doesn't "get" it
It's not pretty when you see a co-worker sent packing by the Human Resources hit men. It's even more tragic when the firee didn't see his outster coming and can't understand why he's been canned. That is pretty much the world of Manuel Miranda, an aide to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who was forced to walk the plank last week for hacking into the computers of Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and leaking stolen memos to the press. Sic transit Manny. But, in a delightful demonstration of nutwing cluelessness, Miranda managed to embarrass his former masters even further by filing an ethics complaint against the committee Dems. See, those bastards have been conspiring with liberal interest groups to develop strategies to block Bush judicial appointments. Since the average Bush judicial candidate has the IQ of an acorn squash -- a vicious acorn squash, mind you -- Democrats might be forgiven for trying to avoid inflicting them on the American electorate. Now, Manny, let's look at the other side of the coin: which right-wing groups are working with Republican members of the committee to steamroll judicial appointments? Think Dr. Frist or Orrin Hatch, chair of the Judiciary, are eager to share that information with the public? Miranda's stupidity is already causing legal and PR problems for Rethug members of the Judiciary Committee. Read about it here, here and here.
Burned by the Plame investigation
It looks increasingly like the illegal release of CIA field agent Valerie Plame's name to Novak and a number of other right-wing columnists will be traced back to Vice-President Dick "Crashcart" Cheney's staff. John Hannah and Lewis "Scooter" Libby -- Cheney's chief of staff -- are the targets of a federal investigation into the leak. White House sources are starting to leak information, which means lots of fear and loathing in the ranks of the Bushies, who pride themselves on not talking to reporters. Get an update on the investigation here. Meanwhile, Plame's husband, former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson is out in fly-over land campaigning against Prances on Aircraft Carriers. Follow Wilson's peregrinations here.
When right-wing pundits attack
Republican media shill Robert Novak is a man with an anger management problem. Novak is already under fire for publishing the name of a CIA field agent in his column last year. Now comes word that Novak roughed up a heckler Jan. 27 following a live broadcast from a restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire. His 54 year-old nemesis repeatedly called Novak a traitor based on his outing of the CIA's Valerie Plame. Novak, confronted with what basically amounts to the truth, went ape-shit, shoving his new friend slightly and cocking a fist as if he were prepared to punch him. Catch the fun of a right-wing pundit under stress here and here. Hey, let's have some fun with this. Please e-mail CNN's Crossfire and ask Carville or Begala to tell us on-air whether Novak is current on his rabies shots.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Pretenders who live in glass houses shouldn't prance around aircraft carriers
The questions concerning George W. Bush's military service that have swirled around the low-IQ weasel for years have leaped back into the headlines since Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe had the gall to publicly point out over the weekend the 800-lb. elephant on Bush's resume. The corporate-owned media immediately attacked McAuliffe (the most egregious example being an ABC News story over the weekend that blasted McAuliffe's charges as lies). The Bush-Cheney Steal the Vote machine is even using McAuliffe's statements in a fundraising letter it is mass-mailing this week to the living dead. Ah, but there's a fly in the ointment -- no one has ever proved that Bush did complete his military service satisfactorily, while there's ample evidence that he didn't. For a smorgasbord on our Deserter-in-Chief, look here, here, here (very...uhm...comprehensive!), here and here. The point is that the White House Press Corps and their respective employers are going all out to try and ignore this story when it's obvious that this is a major scandal that they let slip through their fingers in the 2000 campaign.
And fluoride in drinking water causes communism!
Ahhhh, Utah! Where men are men, women are subservient (and often degraded by polygamy) and the last half of the 20th Century never happened. The state's legislature lived down to its knuckle-dragging reputation this week by passing a bill demanding that the United States withdraw from the United Nations. Utah Republicans, who naturally sponsored this piece of crap, are worried that the U.N. is threat to American sovereignty. Yeeeeaaahhh, guys, I'm sure that's something we all need to worry about. Say, can I interest you in some tin foil for your head? Check it out here.
New York Gov's top cop takes the Fifth
The former head of New York Governor George Pataki's security team, Dan Wiese, has some very unsavory connections to a scheme by Korean-American hustlers to sell gubernatorial pardons for Korean-American prison inmates in return for campaign donations to Pataki. Those connections are unsavory enough that Wiese invoked his Fifth Amendment rights in front of a Brooklyn grand jury investigating the parole-for-bucks operation in the late 90s. Under New York statutes, law enforcement officers who plead the Fifth Amendment face punishments that include demotion or outright firing. Wiese, instead, got a raise soon after his close-mouthed appearance before the grand jury. This is an important story because George Pataki has Presidential ambitions backed by D'Amato-like ethical laxity. The Village Voice has a great piece of investigative reporting here. Note to the Voice: You guys need to set up an indexed issue-by-issue archive.
Voucher proponent busted for theft of scholarship funds
James Isenhour of Ocala, Fla., is in really hot water after state investigators determined that he embezzled more than $268,000 in public money. The money came from a fund set up by the state to send poor children to private schools. Isenhour is the chairman and director of the Silver Archer Foundation. The voucher system set up by Republican Gov. Jeb Bush and the Republican-controlled state legislature is so lax that Isenhour, who has a history of arrests and lawsuits and whose foundation is neither incorporated nor registered in Florida, still managed to get approval for state funding. Read about it here.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Hill Dems finally willing to strike back
Nearly ten years after Republicans took control of Congress, House Democrats say they will file ethics complaints against House Republican majority leaders for their threats against one of their own, Nick Smith of Michigan, during last fall's disgraceful passing of a Medicare "reform" bill that proved to be nothing but a hand-out to the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Smith has publicly acknowledged that Republican leaders threatened to deep-six his son's run this year to succeed his father in the House if the elder Smith did not vote in favor of the bill. The American Prospect's Mary Lynn F. Jones has a short, but sweet column on the House Dems' new-found willingness to fight the Rethugs on their own terms.

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