Monday, December 22, 2003

David and GOPliath
What happens when you're a candidate for high office and you speak out against the entrenched political influence wielded by a convicted criminal? Well, if you're Pennsylvania Republican Bruce L. Castor, you get a plank sawn off your ass and you get to see the rest of your party -- with one exception -- line up with the convicted felon. Castor had the inside track on Pennsylvania's GOP nomination for state attorney general in 2004 until he ran afoul of Republican activist Bob Asher last week. Asher was convicted on charges of bribery in 1986 when he and former State Treasurer Budd Dwyer got caught steering a state contract toward a California company in exchange for campaign donations. Dwyer blew his brains out in front of reporters at a press conference. Asher survived to rise again. Castor spoke out about Asher's undue influence in the GOP nomination process last week. In response, the state GOP, including Senators Arlen Specter and Rick "Man-Dog Love" Santorum, turned on Castor with a vengeance. Read the ugly details here and ponder whether there's room in the Pennsylvania Republican Party for an honest man.
Slurp's up!
Maui County, Hawaii, Managing Director Jack Kulp was arrested Dec. 17 for drunk driving. Kulp got caught at a DUI roadblock. In a previous political existence, Kulp ran as a Republican for a U.S. House seat in 1998, losing in a landslide to his Democratic opponent. Read about his bust here.
The Bugman sand-baggeth
Tom "The Bugman" DeLay deserves no respect whatsoever. Capitol Hill's version of Dale Gribble (sans Dale's core of decency) is the leading practitioner of non-democratic politics in the country right now. DeLay, who keeps one hand firmly up House Speaker Dennis Hastert's ass at all times, has cut Dems out of legislative deliberations in the House and led his minions on unconstitutional re-districtings throughout the nation in the past year. How high is the Bugman riding right now? Well, he used his face-time with Tim Russert on last Sunday's Meet The Press to sand-bag Democratic Presidential candidates Wesley Clark and Howard Dean and unleashed a hate-filled rant about how hate-filled Dems are. Russert, a whore for the GOP, let DeLay ramble on without trying to confront him. How bad was it? Read this Washington Post on-line transcript where political scientist Charles Babington tries to pooh-pooh readers' unease with Republican scorched-earth politics. By the way, anyone who thinks the Post is anything but pro-Republican now is living in a fantasy.

So, where's the crime? While the Inside-the-Beltway amen chorus is kissing DeLay's ass, the Bugman is on the warpath against regular Americans: teachers, American taxpayers,Texas voters (some of whom deserve to be reamed for putting him into office in the first place) and spineless Pink Tutu Dems on Capitol Hill. I look at DeLay's extensive list of victims and wonder who the hell this guy thinks he is? Governor of Maryland?

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Michigan Rethug won't say who offered bribe
Not to put too fine a point on it, but paying an elected official to vote a certain way is considered a crime in the United States -- all fifty of them. It's called bribery. And it appears someone in the U.S. House leadership -- a Republican -- resorted to this very crime in order to get enough votes to pass the Medicare Act last week. This turkey piece of legislation is going to be a millstone around the necks of the Republicans in Congress and their turncoat allies who have wrested control of the AARP from responsible adults. But someone deserves more than removal from office at the ballot box. According to U.S. Rep. Nick Smith (R-Michigan), one of his fellow Republican legislators offered him $100,000 for his son's election campaign coffers (the younger Smith is vying to replace his father in Congress when he retires next year) if he would vote for the Medicare bill. When Smith refused, this same person promised Smith that his son, Brad, would never serve in Congress. Smith says that after he cast his vote against the bill, Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-California) and other House Republicans taunted him, shouting that Brad was "dead meat." Slate's Timothy Noah says someone broke the law when they offered Smith campaign money for his vote. He's also calling on Smith to name the legislator who did so. Check out Noah's appeal to Smith and his argument for prosecution here. EP V and Frank S once again pulled through by making sure this one got on my radar screen!
Watchdogs file IRS complaint on the Bugman
It's been kind of a rough two weeks for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), the completely thuggish "brains" behind the Republican Party majority on both houses of Congress. First, DeLay got caught short on the final House vote for the Bush Administration's Medicare Destruction Act. DeLay and the gnomish Denny Hastert had to hustle up GOP votes at the last moment when what they had assumed was a sure thing suddenly went south on them. DeLay or one of his minions may have committed a criminal offense with their last-minute head-knocking to force reluctant House Rethugs to fuck over every elderly American citizen (see the next entry for details). Next, DeLay, who is a professional bug exterminator when he's not busy dismantling American democracy, pissed off New York City by announcing plans to have luxury cruise liners docked on the Hudson to house delegates to next year's Republican National Convention. He was subsequently forced to disavow the stupid idea before one news cycle was even complete (that's bad, folks).

So, today, the Dale Gribble of Capitol Hill awoke to the bad news that two good government watchdog groups have filed complaints against DeLay with the Internal Revenue Service. The complaints involve a cynical plan by the Bugman to use the pretext of helping abused children in order to raise large amounts of money that will instead be funneled to the Bush re-election campaign. I'm not kidding on this one, folks. This is what this disgusting criminal is proposing to do. DeLay's "charity," Celebrations for Children, will hold parties during the convention and host a luxury suite for donors to watch George W. Bush's nomination acceptance speech. Somehow, this is supposed to raise money for the little chillen. Fred Wertheimer's Democracy 21 dropped a dime on DeLay, noting that "Representative DeLay is using the nation's charity tax laws and the pretext of helping children as a cynical cover to raise and spend huge amounts of prohibited soft money to finance political activities." You can get more details here and here.
Shadows gather around Pigboy
Artificial heroin fiend Rush Limbaugh came one step closer to an orange jumpsuit today when Florida law enforcement authorities executed search warrants at the offices of four doctors linked to the drug-addled hate peddler. The cops seized prescription records involving Limbaugh. The warrants claimed that Limbaugh was involved in doctor-shopping -- searching for a doctor willing to break state and federal laws governing narcotic prescription. According to one warrant, "Mr. Limbaugh's actions violate the letter, and spirit" of the law. Hahahahaha!!! Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart? Anyway, the dope-saturated radio liar read a statement drafted by his attorney over the air today, denying any wrong doing. Presumably, the millions of pathetic followers of this drug addict will swallow this bullshit whole, much as they have every single statement ever to issue from Limbaugh's piehole. Once again, I would point out that dittoheads basically take their cue for an entire world view from a drug addict. Oxy-dittoes, Rush! Read the good news here.

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